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Our Local Heroes

Working hand in hand

The following are a list of members of the community and organisations that have either provided a lot of their time or have made substantial financial contributions.

  • Dave Spellman

  • Peter Wareing

  • Amanda Halliwell

  • Tony Halliwell

  • Helen Dawson

  • Chloe Dawson

  • Rebecca McTear

  • Kath Lawton

  • Denise Lawrence-Beard

Thanks to Kane Dark for the drone shots that have brought the site to life on social media.

Thanks to Mark’s Bakery for agreeing to support our volunteers. Just a 2-minute walk from the Reserve.

Thanks to Prefix Systems and Nigel Cowking for manufacturing many of the Nestboxes.

Thanks to Stortec for agreeing to provide at cost the large gate valve assembly for sealing the sluice pipe ​and making the fish pass more efficient. 

Local Heroes: About Us
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